Monkey Quesadillas aka Peanut Butter and Banana Quesadillas

I’ve got a new food addiction. Well, no, wait, that’s no technically true. I’ve always had a deep love for anything containing peanut butter and bananas as any avid readers will recall from my Peanut Butter and Banana Milkshake:

photo 2

Buuuuuuut Monkey Quesadillas are genius! Warm, tasty and filling! I love them. Also, I have no picture because I ate my quesadilla while searching for my phone to take a picture so here’s a picture of a banana instead:

Peanut Butter and Banana Quesadillas

So to make this glorious wrap you will need: For one quesadilla, 1 banana, 1 tortilla wrap (I use whole-wheat flour tortillas), peanut butter (I use smooth, I don’t like crunchy), honey.

Spread peanut butter on tortilla, then either slice or smush banana and cover half the tortilla with banana. Drizzle honey over the banana and fold tortilla. Heat pan on a medium heat. Place quesadilla on pan for a bit until warmed then flip and warm the other side. Slice in half and eat.

Mine is never very warm because I get impatient staring at it and then just end up eating it. Usually eat this for lunch at the weekends…or when I arrive home from a friend’s house drunk. Monkey Quesadillas + Alcohol is a winning combination, I’m not gonna lie.

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