Five Things Friday: Lions and Tigers and Jails Cells, Oh My! – 06/21

If you’ve been watching the news in Canada, you’ll know there’s been some flooding in Alberta. Calgary’s declared a local state of emergency and the trains have stopped running.

No trains = No transport = No work for me!

In case there’s any concern, Me and Louie, the kitten, are fine. We’re sheltered three floors up while The Canadian One is away this week. Oddly enough, back in July 2011 was the last time The Canadian One went away for a week and Seoul flooded to the point where I was sent home from school as my classroom had flooded. Today, almost two years later, he went away again and alas, I’m off work. Why?


It’s a sign. And no, Canadian One, the sign is not you’re God-like…no matter how many times you say it.

Also, if the flooding continues, the lions and tigers are gonna go to jail. Literally.

Moving on.

Welcome to the new weekly, Five Things Friday, five interesting things you may have missed this week.

1. Reasons My Son Is Crying

A collection of fantastically funny photos of kids crying for random reasons.

tumblr_mog6k6VolO1sn7lxto1_1280(‘He put himself in a timeout…for no reason’ via Reasons My Son Is Crying)

2. Doctors Inject Sick Girl With HIV Virus

Fighting fire with fire. This is amazing!

3. A little boy’s reasons for not eating meat. This is glorious!

4. This girl started a feminist movement at school and here’s what happened.

And finally…

5. Cabbage Patch baby wigs are becoming a thing! A real thing…it’s creepy.

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