Snakes in a Guinness Brewery

The St. James's Gate Brewery, Dublin, Ireland
The St. James’s Gate Brewery, Dublin, Ireland

When a shipment of empty kegs sent from Texas arrived in Dublin yesterday, nobody expected it would turn up trying to undo all of St. Patrick’s hard work. Alas, no, it did not arrive denouncing Christianity in Ireland but it did arrive with a little friend: a snake.

Corn Snake -- se Georgia, USA

As the legend goes, St. Patrick famously got rid of all the snakes in Ireland but it turns out this young reptile had other ideas. It’s been identified as a juvenile corn snake and, although dehydrated and underweight, has been transferred to a vet in Bray for further care.

Corn snakes are relatively friendly snakes. Their docile nature and slow to bite attitude makes them popular pets in the US although exactly how this one managed a stowaway mission to the Emerald Isle remains a mystery.

Guess it brings a whole new meaning to ‘having a snakebite’.

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      1. Lol! Awesome. It’s just so weird!! I mean I’ve never eaten live squid here before but now it’s totally on the ‘NOT A CHANCE IN HELL’ list. 🙂

      2. Ouuuu I shall be checking it out on Friday. Link it here so other people can check it out too. If they’re like me and become intrigued by the comments sections on websites, they’ll surely be curious about a) what we’re talking about and b) WHAT THE PICTURE IS!! 🙂

      3. LOL Thanks. You’re like me. I like to read comments. I also, when looking at a photograph, like to see what is going on in the background.


      4. Did you see I linked you on today’s post?? I am going to keep this article. I am going to again if I use this. You know, if you start helping me with the wtf I will start making you co author.

        Also how would you feel about swapping blogroll links?


      5. Ouuuuu I did!! YAY!! Ou it’s so exciting! I’d love to help out with WTF Fridays. I’ve found two possible things already I was gonna send you! One’s a chopstick noodle cooler and one’s an article about a doctor who says women who have sex without condoms are happier and if they ingest the male’s sperm during pregnancy it can fight off nausea…No, seriously. Someone PAID for a study to be done on this…It’s just…I’m shaking my head as I write this! lol!! You got an email? Mine is! 🙂 Jenny

      6. I do and mine is

        Feel free to email anything I usually do a couple of weird products, a couple of strange articals, and a funny video. I will start a photo for the stuff. 🙂 Thank you.

        Do you want to do the linking blog roll thing?


      7. Awesome! I have no idea what a blogroll is! I don’t think I have one. Maybe I should start one. I imagine it’s where you link blogs you like on your page right? I shall start one. If that’s what it is, yes, yes I’m in…for the linking thing. lol!

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