Snakes in a Guinness Brewery

The St. James's Gate Brewery, Dublin, Ireland

The St. James’s Gate Brewery, Dublin, Ireland

When a shipment of empty kegs sent from Texas arrived in Dublin yesterday, nobody expected it would turn up trying to undo all of St. Patrick’s hard work. Alas, no, it did not arrive denouncing Christianity in Ireland but it did arrive with a little friend: a snake.

Corn Snake -- se Georgia, USA

As the legend goes, St. Patrick famously got rid of all the snakes in Ireland but it turns out this young reptile had other ideas. It’s been identified as a juvenile corn snake and, although dehydrated and underweight, has been transferred to a vet in Bray for further care.

Corn snakes are relatively friendly snakes. Their docile nature and slow to bite attitude makes them popular pets in the US although exactly how this one managed a stowaway mission to the Emerald Isle remains a mystery.

Guess it brings a whole new meaning to ‘having a snakebite’.


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