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Tuesday Timewasters – 03/06

Today: In school from 9am (well, 9:13am). No kids, no teaching, am supposed to be cleaning my classroom but I finished that on Friday, am supposed to be planning my lessons but my books and classes have changed twice so far today so I’m waiting it out. I also just had to sit through a 96 minute meeting in an unheated classroom while needing to pee. Oh, and it was also all in Korean, which as you’ll remember from ‘Watch Out For The Hedgehog’, I do not speak. To add to my discomfort, my co-teacher has ‘borrowed without bringing back’ my kettle so I can’t make coffee either. I think I’ll just take a nap. And so I present to you, My Top 5 Tuesday Timewasters: (if a link doesn’t work, shoot me an email and I shall sort it) Happy Timewasting!

1. T-Rex Trying

I do a GREAT inpression of a T-Rex. It’s FANTASTIC, take it from me…and ONLY me. Don’t listen to the other naysayers. My T-Rex impression ROCKS. Check out this cartoon in which a T-Rex tries to do daily activities. I didn’t draw them so they’re funny, don’t worry.


2. The Doghouse Dairies

Three dudes draw funny comics. New one each Mon-Wed-Fri. The one above I can totally relate to!


3. Simple Ideas That Are Genius

That title should read Simple Ideas That Are GENIUS And I’m Kicking Myself I Didn’t Think Of It First!!


4. Things To Remember If I Ever Become An Evil Overlord

I think the title really speaks for itself.


5. Pinterest

I dare you not to get addicted to pinning stuff to your virtual noticeboard! Follow me on It’s only a matter of time before I get the ‘Pin It’ button on the school computer and The Canadian One has to come home from work to me, in front of the computer, pointing and saying ‘Loooook, loooooook!!’. As if me sending him pictures of knitted hats via Facebook isn’t enough to deal with.

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