Tuesday Timewasters – 02/28

As Tuesdays are usually the day when most of my classes have their day off, only attending my class Mon, Weds-Fri, I find myself with more free time on a Tuesday that one would usually expect. Sometimes, only teaching 45 minutes out of the working day, but required to be present and accounted for at my desk for every second of my shift. And so, I present my Top 5 Tuesday Timewasters for this week: Happy Timewasting!

Where The Hell Is Matt?

Fantastic videos, great music, my favorite is the 2008 video. Makes you wanna travel around the world, dancing and smiling. Not a bad start to your Tuesday. After 4:29 mins, you’ll be smiling, I promise! (And if you’re anything like me, when your hometown comes on-screen, you’ll get very excited!) Watch once and laugh, watch again, looking at all the other people dancing, and laugh harder!


Pencil Vs. Camera

Like drawing? Like photography? Like art? You like this!


Oh, The Places You’ll Go

What do you get when you mix imagination, Burning Man and Dr. Seuss? Well, this video of course. I dare you not to love it!


The Canadian Wood Spider

Just a little video about spiders on drugs (and by far, one of my favorite videos out there on the internet!) Drugs are baaad, kids, even for spiders! If you don’t say no after watching this video, well then, really, there’s nothing else I can do for you. 🙂


Hysterical Roommate Notes

Having lived with many people over the years, some awesome, some downright bats**t mental, I found this particularly nostalgic of those times. 🙂

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