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One Week In September and All The TV Comes BACK!!

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It’s often around early August I start to wonder ‘What happened to my favorite TV show? Did it get cancelled? Is it back on? I should really check that out!’.

While living in Korea, I watched a lot of TV but not actually on the TV itself. As most who live in K-Town will attest to, a majority of us watched TV by getting our hands on entire seasons of the TV show and watching them all over the course of a week..then comes the depression you feel after the show ends and there’s no more to watch.

Image representing Netflix as depicted in Crun...
Image via CrunchBase

We are the Netflix, binge-watching generation and Korea was made for those type of people.

As this is the first year I’ve lived in an English-speaking country in over five years, it’s going to be weird watching my shows and waiting an entire week like normal people! I’ve been watching ‘Under The Dome’ and that’s proved quite difficult. I’ve not actually managed to watch it on live TV yet and we’re six episodes in. I do watch it on the Telus On Demand and it’s usually the day after it airs as I can never remember if it’s on a Monday or a Tuesday. It might be tonight. It might be tomorrow. It’s most likely tonight. I should Google that.

Now, I’ll admit it, I watch a lot of TV. But unless it’s with The Canadian One, I generally don’t sit down and watch TV. I have it on in the background while I’m doing other things. For example, right now, I have season four of The Mentalist playing in the background. As a result of this way of watching TV, I once watched the same episode of The Mentalist twice and didn’t realize until the end of the episode.

I rotate my shows throughout the year. A lot of the time, I wait until the season is over and then watch a whole bunch of them together. But now…now I’ve learned, it’s one week in September, one glorious week in September when everything returns almost at once and I’m gonna have to learn how use the ‘record TV’ button on the Telus box!

Over the past few years, these shows have been in my rotation:

Shows The Canadian One and I watch together:

English: Logo for the television show Modern F...
English: Logo for the television show Modern Family (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Modern Family Season 5: Sept 25th

The Canadian One and I started watching this show last year after 30 Rock ended and we were in need of a short TV show replacement. I love Phil. Words cannot describe how much I love Phil and his Philosophies.

NCIS: Los Angeles Season 5: Sept 24th

OMG the kiss! I need to know what happens after the kiss. Even The Canadian One gasped when it happened. Does Deeks survive? Do him and Kensi become Densi?! Is Sam’s wife dead?

Elementary Season 2: Sept 26th

Lucy Lu as Watson? WHAT?! But it actually works. We started watching this show after watching the British Sherlock when we wanted something to quell the Sherlock-hunger and hold us over until the British version came back on. It’s actually quite good. Not as good as the British one but then again, when Americans remake British shows…you know what, I’ll save that argument for another day.

Homeland Season 3: Sept 29th

Does anyone else hope the daughter is written out this year? Anyone? Speaking of Homeland, for anyone who missed it, Aziz Ansari for a brief time last year was tweeting as SergeantBrody and it was awesome…until he got outed and stopped but still!

Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 15.22.28Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 15.23.00

And just today, someone asked if it’ll be resurrection anytime soon…looks like a ‘no’ for now! Booooo!

Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 15.27.54

Hawaii Five-0 Season 4: Sept 27th

Hawaii Five-0
Hawaii Five-0 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There was a prison break in the last episode? Or an attempted prison break? Or something like that? Wo-Fat was in it. I recall that much!

Shows I watch alone:

Castle Season 6: Sept 23rd

When we last left our hero, he was proposing to the woman who’s hairstyles change each season, Kate Beckett (SP) (I gotta say the last season was her best hairstyle yet) while she was offered a career-making job in Washington, DC.

Revenge Season 3: Sept 29th

I think I got halfway through season one with this show, then they took a break and I forgot about it until I started writing this post. I should really catch up on it, I found it mildly intriguing although evidently not enough to remember it existed when it came back on.

Criminal Minds Season 9: Sept 25th

I haven’t seen the last four episodes of season 8 yet but I’m getting around to it. I’ve been a fan of this show since the beginning when it was the first show to beat Lost in the ratings. It was then that I thought ‘Perhaps I should check it out’. It’s like a darker CSI that I can’t watch at night alone. Some of the episodes just freak me out too much.

How I Met Your Mother Season 9: Sept 23rd

We met the mother! And apparently season 9 focuses entirely on the wedding weekend so this should be interesting…

Intertitle from season 2 of the television pro...
Intertitle from season 2 of the television program The Mentalist (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Mentalist Season 6: Sept 29th

I’m currently on Season 4 of this show. I started watching it after it was recommended to me by some readers after I wrote this. I’m enjoying it. I though Robin Tunney would be more annoying when I started watching it as she was a little annoying in Prison Break but alas, I was proved incorrect and Simon Baker’s suave turn as a former psychic turned detective is excellent. It’s the suits. He looks good in a suit.

Bones Season 9: Sept 16th

I stopped watching this after she popped out the baby, went on the run and then reappeared but it’s included her because it’s one of my friend’s favorite shows. 

The Canadian One’s Shows:

The Walking Dead (season 2)
The Walking Dead (season 2) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Breaking Bad Season 5 Part 2: August 11th

The Walking Dead Season 4: Oct 13th

Sons of Anarchy Season 6: Sept 10th

There are countless new shows also starting this year but as with any new show, I always like to wait and see if they get renewed for a second season and then start watching. I hate it when a show ends on a cliffhanger and then you just never find out the ending. Then again, the irony of my not watching the first season when it airs is that perhaps other people do that and then they get very low ratings and thus the show gets cancelled…it’s a conundrum!

What’s your favorite TV show? Sound off below and let us know!

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Have you ever tried explaining your favorite TV show…?

Have you ever tried explaining your favorite TV show to a person who has never seen your favorite TV  show?

Fringe (TV series)
Fringe (TV series) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ok, so, it’s called Fringe and it’s about this guy, you know Pacey from Dawson’s Creek? Him. And his dad and the FBI, well, they’re not really the FBI, they’re like a special division that investigate weird events in the worldYeah, a bit like X Fileskindabut the guy and his dad aren’t in the FBI. They just help. Oh and there’s a girl and a whole love story too. And the dad is a scientist and he opened a portal to an alternate universe and stole a kid and then the world is gonna end and then these bald people from the future invade and they all get ambered andOh no, sorry, ambered is like, it’sHave you ever seen Jurassic Park?

This happens me all the time with The Canadian One as I watch a lot of TV shows that he doesn’t. Mainly crime dramas. A lot of crime dramas.

CSI: NY (season 5)

To his credit, he has started watching a few of them with me, Sini-S-I: New York (with the lovely Gary Sinise), The Finder and Hawaii 5-O. He was watching Bones with me too but gave up after a few episodes.

It got us thinking about the ridiculousness of most crime dramas and how explaining the basic premise of a lot of them to people who’ve never seen the show can be…well, tricky.

He’s a dogand he solves crimes. The Littlest Hobo. (or Lassie…) ‘Plots ranged from the simple “dog-helps-person” stories to secret agent-type adventures.’ – Wikipedia

The Canadian One, joking: ‘Ha, he’s a pastry maker…and he solves crimes.’

Me: ‘Wait, I think there is a show like that already!!’

The Canadian One: ‘WHAT?!!!’

He’s a pie makerand he solves crimes. Pushing Daisies.

He’s a doctorand he solves crimes. Diagnosis Murder.

He’s a coronerand he solves crimes. Quincy MD

He’s an alienand he solves crimes. Alien Nation.

She’s a city morgue worker whose days restart themselvesand she solves crimes. Tru Calling.

He’s a seriel killerand he solves crimes. Dexter.

Psych (season 2)

He’s a priestand he solves crimes. Father Brown.

They’re a wealthy coupleand they solve crimes. Hart to Hart.

He’s a fake psychicand he solves crimes. Psych.

She’s a forensic anthropologistand she solves crimes. Bones. (maybe not too far fetched given it’s based on a real person)

She’s a model trying to escape bankruptcy by running the detective agency she had previously owned as a tax write-offand she solves crimes. Moonlighting.

They’re a divorced couple who played a married couple on fake TV showand now they solve crimes. Diamonds.

He’s a brain damaged war veteran obsessed with finding thingsand he solves crimes. The Finder.

He’s a writerand he solves crimes. Castle. (or change the gender and you have Murder, She Wrote)

He’s a vampireand he solves crimes. Moonlight. (and he’s now Steve in Hawaii Five-O!)

She’s a high school studentand she solves crimes. Veronica Mars. (whose co-star went on to star in Moonlight)

He’s a neuroscientist who hallucinates and has imaginary friendsand he solves crimes. Perception.

She’s a DEA agent recruited by a covert government agency that hunts genetically enhanced individuals. She discovers that she can heal rapidly from any injury and begins to investigate the source of her powers…and she solves crimes. Painkiller Jane.

He’s a advanced, artificially intelligent and nearly indestructible carand he solves crimes. Knight Rider.

He’s a robotand he solves crimes. Robocop.

He’s a ghost…and he solves crimes. Randal and Hopkirk (deceased).

Missed any? Hit up the comments below and let us know. Or describe your favorite TV show to us!