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‘Don’t you think this teapot looks like a turtle?’ – A Saturday Short

Watching a band play at the art show

Last Saturday, The Canadian One, The British Friend and I attended an art show. Well, actually, there were a lot more people at this art show but you only know these two so I won’t bore you with coming up with monikers for the others.

With The Canadian One distracted chatting to some people, I wandered the art space looking for items to buy when I came across a teapot and two cups.

I quickly grabbed The British Friend.

Me: ‘Come look at this teapot with me!’

The British Friend: ‘Ehhhh….’

And before he could answer, we were on the other side of the art space, viewing the teapot.

I pointed at it.

‘Don’t you think this teapot looks like a turtle?!’ I said, excitedly.

The British Friend looked at the teapot and then at me with a cautionary, scrunched up look on his face.

TBF: ‘…Yes?…’

I frowned.

TBF: ‘I feel yes is the correct answer you wanted me to give…Right?’

The Canadian One’s new cup…aka my new vase!

I nodded.

Me: ‘Yes. It totally looks like a turtle!! It’s a turtle teapot!!!’

He stared at the teapot for a moment and then at me with a look on his face like he was about to break it to me that he’d accidentally killed my goldfish in a freak, overfeeding incident and had left the floating corpse in the fishbowl.

Me: ‘I’m gonna go find The Canadian One.’

With The Canadian One located, I dragged him to look at the teapot while The British Friend used this opportunity to disappear.

‘Don’t you think this teapot looks like a turtle?!’ I said, smiling and pointing at the teapot on display.

‘No.’ said The Canadian One, without even pausing to consider it, ‘It looks like a teapot.’


Me: ‘I’m buying it! It looks like a turtle!’

It was approximately another hour before I actually got around to buying the teapot, by which time an extra cup had appeared and it now came with three cups. In all, The Canadian One and I came away with a teapot set with three cups and a beer drinking cup (which will not be used for drinking beer as I plan to put flowers in it).

What do you think? Do YOU think it looks like a turtle? Judge for yourself and hit up the comments below! 🙂

The Turtle Teapot!

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