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‘Wait, what’s a one-eyed Jack?!’

This past weekend I found myself sitting down to a good old poker game at a friend’s house. The Canadian One and I (and The Canadian One’s British friend) gathered up our coins and hit the road for the 70 minute journey south to my first Korean home town of Cheonan. Cheonan, famous for its Walnut Cake, was my happy home for two non-consecutive years. Anyone who reads the BBC news website may be familiar with Cheonan (the town) as it’s also home to the world’s first and only foreigner’s prison. Not to be confused with Cheonan, the South Korean ship, which sunk in March 2010 thanks to a North Korean torpedo hitting it…supposedly. I’m not one to speculate. Although for further speculation you can read here, here, here, here and, of course, CNN’s vast ranging coverage of the event, here.

Having arrived safely in Cheonan (the town) and with little hassle, we acquired our beer, bought our nachos, counted out money and settled in. The Canadian One bonded with our hosts over the Nova Scotian majority at the table while I stared at the cheat sheet, reminding myself of how to win. Which hand beats what, does a Royal Flush beat Four-Of-A-Kind (it does), if they’re all hearts does it matter what the card numbers are (yes, it does), etc.