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So you wanna learn Korean…

I don’t speak Korean. Despite living here, I do not speak enough Korean to have a conversation about anything other than a drinks order, directions and occasionally, if we’re in the right part of the zoo near the tigers or the lions, I can point at them and say what they are. Handily, I also know how to say ‘Come here’, ‘Don’t touch me’ and ‘No’…the essentials for teaching small children at school.

I’m also one of those people who can understand more than they can produce and as a result, Koreans tend to ask me questions and, while I fully understand what they’re asking me, I don’t have enough vocabulary to answer them.

Unfortunately, it is possible to live here for three years and not speak that much Korean. Suuuure, I could learn but since I covered all this in ‘Watch out for the Headgehog’, I won’t rehash it here. What I will say is, if you’re gonna learn Korean, check out this handy lil guide to get you started: