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‘People are more into buffet religion nowadays.’

One year, nowhere near Easter naturally, I was teaching about Easter to my students as it was the next chapter in the book. At age 9, the kids had a vague idea of what Easter was and, once I had translated the word ‘Easter’ into Korean for them and drew a picture of dead Jesus nailed to a cross on the board, (worse. drawing. ever.) we were on our way.

When asked what they do at Easter, the kids’ answers ranged from ‘Eat the many chocolate’, ‘Go to the amusement park and eat the many chocolate’ and ‘Go to the church with my mom and dad’.

The story in the book centered around an American white girl named Sarah and the egg hunt at her house followed by a small paragraph about Jesus and the church. The vocabulary words we had to learn were ‘bunny’, ‘basket’, ‘back to life’, ‘hunt’ and ‘hide’. In a different context, I feel those words could be the makings of a great serial killer story.

Shortly into the vocabulary part of the lesson, this exchange takes place: