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BBQ Beef Burgers

I originally wrote about making pork burgers waaaay back when I lived in Korea. Ground pork was significantly cheaper than ground beef so we made do with the pork and adapted a lot of recipes to suit. This was also back before I discovered I was gluten and lactose intolerant so I refer to my love of cheese a lot in my original post. I miss you cheese. 

But alas, life moves on and now that I’ve been in Canada five years, we tend to buy more ground beef than ground pork nowadays. 

Also our summers here are awesome…when they eventually arrive #isthissecondwinter…and we have a deck and a BBQ and a liquor store within walking distance. It would almost be illegal if we didn’t fire up some burgers every now and then! 

BBQ Beef Burgers (can sub pork if you want) 

Makes 4 burgers

500g Ground Beef

1/2tsp salt

1/2tsp pepper 

2-3tbls Tomato Ketchup (we use No-Sugar Tomato Ketchup) 

3/4 cup breadcrumbs – can be gluten free

2tbs BBQ Seasoning (we like Sharples Ranch Smoky Barbeque Rub or Barbeque Belt Chicken & Rib Rub – but for real, you can use any. Experiment.) 

1. With wet hands, mix together all ingredients until they come together nicely

2. Form into four balls and flatten into burger shapes or use a burger press to make them all uniform. 

3. Grill to your liking. 

These freezer sooooo well! Once you’ve formed them into the patty shape, simply place them, uncooked, in a Ziploc baggie, separating each patty with some parchment paper. Label and freeze. I like to make 8-10 burgers at a time and freeze them all. They make easy weekday dinners such as the classic burger and fries or Loco Moco. 

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